Sun Protection for Your Skin

With sunny days and warmer temperatures, we’ve felt very lucky to be having such a beautiful Spring so far in Vancouver. Spending more time outside to enjoy the natural surroundings our city is known for is not only good for your Vitamin D intake, but it’s also a great way to de-stress and exercise from our sedentary lives.

While we always support getting outdoors, as skincare professionals, we can’t stress the importance of sunscreen. SPF protection isn’t just something that should be applied when the sun is out; it should be a daily ritual, much like brushing your teeth. Even if it’s cloudy or raining, harmful UV rays penetrate your epidermis, which means daily application is essential for preventing wrinkles, fine lines, and even more dangerous conditions like skin cancer.

sun protection

As our philosophy states, prevention and protection are the best and most effective tools for preventing premature aging and other skin ailments. Investing in your skincare now will not only help to ensure a flawless complexion as you age, but even save you money and time in the future from corrective procedures.

For your face, neck, and chest, we recommend using a product with zinc that has a minimum of SPF 25. One of the products Julie prescribes is the Crème Solaire Mineral Sun Crème by G.M. Collin. This non-greasy formula protects the skin without clogging your pores or using harmful toxic chemicals like many other SPF’s on the market.


It’s not just your face and neck that need protection either. Your lips, hands, and skin around the eyes also need to be covered as well. These areas can suffer from the sun’s harmful effects, so remember to always keep these commonly exposed body parts protected whenever you step outside. Also, don’t forget another crucial step: reapplication. Always reapply your sunscreen every 2-3 hours.

To find out which of sun protection products are right for your skin, contact Julie for a free consultation.

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