Skin Care Tips for Brides and Grooms 

Chances are you’ve fantasized about your wedding day since you were little. You’ve imagined the perfect man, the perfect dress, and of course, looking picture-perfect. Now that we’re halfway through summer, wedding season is in full swing. If you’re about to say your “I do’s”, you’re probably busy from morning to night with preparations. However, there’s one item on the to-do list that many regret they forget, and that’s skin preparation.  For a bride and groom, having a flawless complexion is vital to feeling relaxed and confident for the big day.

skin care for brides

Make-up Won’t Solve Your Skin Problems

One of the biggest mistakes brides make is thinking that make-up will solve all of their skin problems. While make-up can hide blemishes to a degree, without a solid, healthy base, it can only do so much.

facial for brides

To achieve healthy, smooth, supple skin, we highly recommend the Vitamin C Anti-Oxidant Facial. This treatment will instantly help brighten and freshen up skin, while also prepping it for make-up. Every year we’re busy from June to early September booking these in for brides a few days before their wedding!

Just because men don’t wear make-up doesn’t mean they shouldn’t prep as well. Our Just-For-Men Clinical Facial is catered to fit each groom’s needs. With a professional skin analysis, deep exfoliation, and facial massage, a flawless complexion will go great with the tux.

Massage The Toxins Away

Our Lymphatic Drainage Massage improves circulation and lymphatic systems, while also speeding up toxin removal in a gentle, relaxing way that quickly relieves congestion. Have edema? This massage will do the trick and help heal it.

Mani/Pedi Bridal Packages


With your skin taken care of, complete your look with custom-tailored nail treatments by our nail guru, Kazumi. The treatments include a spa manicure, spa pedicure, mask and paraffin, to relax and rejuvenate.  The day before your wedding, we will refine your nails and add a set of nail decorations that are handcrafted to match. This is also a great gift for your bridesmaids!

Ensuring your skin looks great for the big day isn’t pampering; it’s a necessity. A bride will look stunning no matter what, but with these extra additions, you can be sure to walk down the aisle with confidence.