Vie Derma Clinic is owned and operated by Julie Cvijic, a dermatological guru of international repute. She is the charismatic owner/operate of Vancouver based Vie Derma Clinic which is dedicated to offering innovative and effective treatments, unsurpassed therapy, continued education and an extensive product range.

Julie has been involved in the wellness industry for most of her professional life.  She combines an instinctive flair with over thirty years experience of all parts of the wellness industry, including operations and the ongoing development of spa treatments and extensive product knowledge. She is European trained, educated in the Austrian esthetic tradition and continues her education and practice in both Europe and Canada. Her international exposure has brought her to teach skin diagnosis and treatment for a number of exclusive clients in the United Emirates, Canada, Europe and the Philippines.

Strongly committed to her industry, Julie has built and maintained a reputation based on relationships of solid trust with all her clients. This trust is absolutely crucial for the group’s sustainable growth.