Vie Derma Clinic is a clinic that encompasses innovative and effective skin treatments, unsurpassed therapy and an extensive clinical product knowledge that demands results.

Over the years, owner and operator, Julie Cvijic’s unparalleled dermalogical treatments along side her products regime have proven to help correct and reverse the visible signs of aging, maintain youthful radiance, and ensure the skin-health of many a client over her 40 years in the Esthetical and cosmeceuticals business.

Our philosophy is based on three simple concepts:

1. A personal wellness regime is no longer considered a luxury but a common necessity.

2. It costs less to prevent poor or damaged skin and related health issues rather than treat them after they occur.

3. A heath and wellness regime, which includes monthly spa services greatly, increases the quality of life

Our treatments are designed to educate clients.

We believe that traditional approaches to the current esthetic and wellness are fundamentally lacking. These traditional efforts are what we call reactive, that is, they wait until the client has been stricken with poor appearance or health, and only then seek the necessary treatments. Our approach, which emphasizes monthly clinical treatments and the instruction of a daily prevention programs, is much more proactive.

By educating clients to change their behaviour patterns, choose more healthy lifestyles and develop a daily preventative regime, we ensure our client’s overall wellness while lowering their skin and related health expenditures. Such expenditures decrease due to professional management of the clients’ skin and body care regime. Products individually tailored for the client’s particular needs result in eliminating all costly and unnecessary off- the- shelf products that most often do more harm than good. Poor diet and hygiene, environmental issues such as pollution, prolonged sun exposure and daily stress threaten to not only exacerbate ones health and appearance, but further erode ones personal state of well-being. All these factors signal a favourable opportunity in this market. Vie Derma Clinic offers compressive esthetic and health services for Vancouver.